The Cosmic Rip Off

       Ah, Life. A precious gift, no?
       From the outset, life equals death. The same fate awaits all that lives. If you've accepted some sort of squishy story that assures you that death is not the end and that you can't see what all the fuss is about, then well...stick it.
       Death sucks. No one has survived it yet. When you're gone, you're gone. Everything that thinks on an observably elevated plane (whales, dolphins, wolves, apes, elephants...) mourns the death of their fellows. And all that lives avoids death with an unconscious zeal that makes one question with an uncomfortable twinge what it is they are avoiding. If what we know of as life is just a moment in an eternal existence, wouldn't we just relax? Why are we all (all life) so tense? If there's nothing to worry about, why are we all worried?
       In order to stay alive, you must fear death. Those that do not fear death do not last long. If you think you don't fear death, try walking off a building. Try walking into oncoming traffic. Try breathing under water.
       Fear is nesassary to survive. Cowards survive.
       In order to survive, you must kill. If you eat nothing but plants, you live because those plants died. If you eat nothing, your body continues to kill millions upon millions of microbes. If your body stops doing these, you die.
       Killing is nesassary to survive. Murderers survive.

       In order to live in this world you must, by definition, be a coward and a murderer. And in the end, after being forced to live a life of cowardice and serial killing, you're rewarded with death.

       If there is a creator, and this is the masterwork... that's kinda scary. The universe was created by a vivisector?