The Illusion of Gender

       With some basic investigation and analysis, one quickly comes to the conclusion that the female 'gender' is the originator. An amoeba gives birth to itself and is therefore female. Parenthogenisis referrs to organisms that that give birth to young that are clones of themselves, and they are classified as females. Dual gender species engage in sexual reproduction. The 'male' gender is manufactured from a female base form. This gives these species a greater degree of specialization and allows for an increased rate of differenciation, which in turn gives a greater probibility of some individuals surviving for any change in the enviornment.
       There is no such thing as gender. We are all female. It's just that 48 percent of all human females have a penis and no uterus.
       Of course, you're going to dispute this. Now I have to bring up all the proof. Man, this would be a whole lot easier if you had done your own homework.
       One of the first things that occured to me was the fact that the introduction of the opposite sex hormones would transform the body to some degree. Give a 'male' estrogen and his fat will redistribute from his midriff to his hips and thighs. His skin will become softer and his beard thinner and sparser. Give a female testosterone and her fat will redistribute to her midrif and her skin will coarsen. She will become more aggressive and muscle mass will be easier to build. She will also start growing more facial hair. Hmmm...
       Now, of course that's not changing their 'gender', just their secondary sex characteristics. Unless the opposite sex hormones are introduced in utero, before their reproductive plumbing is fully formed. The results then can be quite startling. Like a person being genetically male (that is, they have the XY chromosome that determine that they are to be male) who is born without a penis, gonads that reside within their abdomen, and an infertile uterus. Or a person who is genetically female (XX chromosome) who is born with a shriveled uterus, a closed vaginal canal, and an engorged, distended clitoris that looks amazingly like a penis. You will also get fully functioning males and females who have the wrong chromosomes and you will get an amazing array of 'intersexed' individuals with strange and bizaar genitals. Some fully fuctional, and some, well ... sorry girls.
       It's tempting to think that this indicates that the base form is genderless and that the hormones transform us accordingly. But that's not what observation reveals. The base form, without any hormones, will grow into a sterile female, Not an androgene. It can only be turned into a male with hormones. This is evidenced in the morphology of the gentials themselves. The penis and the clitoris are the same tissues, have the same number of nerve endings. The scrotum forms a sac for the gonads when they descend, this can be seen by the 'seam' that runs up the middle of the scotum. Males have NIPPLES for fuck's sake. Why do you think that is? Are we bipedal, simian SEAHORSES?!

       No, we're not. Go check out this website:
       and this page specifically:

       None of this is that amazing, really. No more amazing than the fact that the planets revolve around the sun. Like that concept, the amazing part it the reluctance with which it is met. It's as if, living underground, when you first set foot in the open air you refuse to believe the sky is blue because you've been told your whole life that it's green. But you can look for yourself. It's blue, man. And you're a woman, man.