Letter to TOOL
(Still awaiting response)

December 21st, 2012 CE

        Is it really nesassary to read between the lines? Enough with the sacred sage routine. None of this information is any more mystical than the knowledge that the earth revolves around the sun or that gravitational perturbations indicated that Pluto had to exist. If you know where Nibiru is, give us some right ascention and declanation so we can find it, to hell with the observatories. But let me get this all straight; Nibiru circles Sol and the Nemesis Star, Sol's dead 'twin'. We can't see the dead star, or pick it up on radio telescopes, and gravity calculations don't pinpoint it at all, right? Or it's all being hidden, by everybody with a telescope and a slide rule. Yet they tell us all about Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and even Charon. But not Nibiru. What's with the "world-wide panic" bit? Us proles don't give two squats about Pluto and we wouldn't care about Nibiru - most of us believe the son of god is coming to instigate a war between heaven and hell, and we all still go to work every morning.
        A brown dwarf is going to be somewhere in the vicinity of Mars or the asteroid belt next year (oh crap, the asteroid belt ... it should be a planet but it's been pulverised ... oops), but no amateur astronomers are seeing it? Hale-Bopp is called that because as soon as this tiny comet was visble to telescopes, TWO of these guys saw it. But nobody sees a gas giant hurtling twards us?
       And while on the subject, Nibiru didn't (and couldn't - do your math, little ones) alter earth's movements drastically. Not directly anyway. Venus is the culprit there (Velikovsky). Venus ain't on the star charts until about 35-3600 years ago. Given the time frame of Venus' appearance in the solar system, it could very well be a Nibiruan castaway or a dislodged Jovian satallite. Everyone seems to be taking Sitchin verbatim (aliens, who look just like us, live on or orbit around a brown dwarf that spends 98% of its orbital cycle in deep cold space - and this enviornment produces naked apes?). Sift your filters, lest your open mind become a rubbish bin.
        Pole Shift? Hugh A. Brown (HAB Theory) Cataclysms of the Earth. The last pole shift was approx 7500 years ago. The Sudan Basin was at the north pole and most of America was in the southern hemisphere. The one before that (approx 11,000 years ago) had Hudson Bay located at the north pole (ice down to Iowa, but no ice in Russia - wha...? here's a handy site: http://www.geop.ubc.ca/Glaciology/modelling.html). This is a gyroscopic repositioning of the axis of spin, not to be confused with the recently popular crustal displacement theories, which originate with Hapgood, who stole his ideas from Brown).
       7500 years ago the celetial maps nearly reversed. 3500 years ago Venus caused the calander to go from 360 days to 365, but the stars are in the same place (well, pretty much).
        Anyway, Antarctica is going to topple the globe with or without Nibiru's help, so keep stock piling those beans.

Jack, the Living God Ammon Ra