So one time, we were at a coffee shop, and Jack was working on some art. This girl walks up to us and starts telling him how great the comic looks, and then she says "Yeah, I really respect comics, I look at them as a form of art." What!?!?! That's like saying "I really like Ballet, I look at it as a form of dance."

Mystery Science Theater 3000
MST3K is a shining beacon in a word of mediocrity.

Josh Comics
A friend of the Sara's, and a super-dooper comic artist-guy.

They're refrenced every 5 seconds or so in SaraS, so we should probably link 'um.

Gonads and Strife
This is my favorite thing in the history of all the world.

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade, the best online comic that i know of.

SHAC America
Home of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, refrenced in Saras. Go there, join them, and start kicking ass.
The revolution, friends, is at hand. May empires fall like burning leaves.

Filthy Critic
This man will tell you if a movie will or will not suck. Go read his review for Godzilla 2000 if you want to laugh for a while.

Vegan Erotica
Want to be a pony girl but don't want to add to the ultimate horror of all things? Than do it with pleather, damnit! Vegan Erotica will get you off to a good start.

Just what it sounds like. Stickers, shirts, and ideas.

Microcosm Publishing
Buttons, patches, shirts, music, zines, all D.I.Y.

Dorian Clevenger
Amazing sexy intence fantisy art. Check out "Desire".