("You have to admit, she IS rather mannish.")

jesus god.

Note: This page is not intended to be malicious. I think it's GREAT that Pink's a man, I don't meen it as an insult. Nor am I calling her a man because she's unattractive - she is actually quite cute. I don't care much for her music, though, but I don't think that has affected my opinions about her obvious masculininity one way or the other.

Do you remember when Brad Pitt was on the cover of The Rolling Stone in a dress? He pulled it off WAY better than Pink.

I make no claim to know what on earth her sexual orientation is, but I DO know that NO woman I've EVER met finds the kinds of men that are in her 'Most Girls' video sexy. It's like they needed to put the most masculine men they could find in her video so she would look less masculine by proxy.

Still don't believe? Go watch the Lady Marmilade video. Do it on mute if you have to, but watch it. It's a routine that drag queens would do, only there's just one drag queen in it. When it comes to Pink's part, they cut the camera every .3 seconds desperatly trying to avoid showing the world her man-meat. She looks like my little brother would look when I used to chase him down and make him wear my 'dress-up' clothes.