feb 18, 2011 - a wizard told me about something amazing yesterday. Kymaerica. And well, there's this plaque...

jan 11, 2011 - Maybe I can make this work. I can at least understand this. So, hopefully without seeming too egomaniacal I'll try to communicate stuff here - relevant stuff about the sites. Wait, what the hell am doing again? I guess, if i actually do anything I'll try to remember to tell you about it here.

okay... now what?

Around 1996 or so, I had a dream wherein a delegation from Egypt called together the world press to announce that they had come to the conclusion that I was the 'descendent' of Ammon Ra. That sounded suspect at best, and their charts proving all this brought a few questions to my mind, but when people are proclaiming you god, you let things slide a bit. At least I did :)

So, I was to be taken to Egypt as the living god Ammon Ra. This was all a big push to try and revitalize their economy and nation. All my moral oppositions to theocracy vanished as I contemplated having a pyramid built in my honor. So then, in the dream, me and a few friends are dodging the Egyptian secret service in this palatial hotel they have me at in preperation to leaving.

Ducking into a stairwell, my friends stopped me and tried to impart to me the seriousness of the situation. They said that there was alot of preperation we had to attend to -- I interupted them with the giddy proclaimation that we had no more problems; I AM THE LIVING GOD AMMON RA!

I woke up then. Coming awake, I assumed that a vast depression would wash over me, because now I was just me, and I worked in a printing factory, and I wasn't a living god, and life unfolding before me was not grandiose but squalid. But that didn't happen. I was still the living god Ammon Ra. I remain so to this day. I once tried to rename myself Upuat, Opener of the Ways. But it lacked the sanction of the dream and would not stick. I figure my dream is as valid as any other religious revelation, so Ammon Ra it is, living representative of the creator and the sun, on earth live and in person :D

I'll go up against any deity you got - ask us both a question and see which one answers you first

6-21-06, driving around in the early morning in my yellow submarine, I had an epiphany concerning me, the sun, the Mayans, 2012, and the transendental object at the end of time. See, the Mayans laid out their temples according to very precise calendrical events. Their big, and I mean big, event is on December 21, 2012. It is the end of their calander. The people who built those monuments and temples wanted them to last, even if the people themselves did not. They were that important to them. There's a reason they thought they were that important. Have you listened to the Mckenna lectures?

There are temples and pyramids devoted to the sun that are alligned to meet the end of the Mayan calander, do not doubt it. Suddenly I knew where I, the living god Ammon Ra, was going to be on that day. I will be atop a step pyramid in south america, kiddies. And I will will greet the dawn on December 21, 2012 as the living representative of the sun on earth. You are all invited :D