When it comes to Gaean-inspired art, the best I know of is still the artwork of Freff, featured in Titan and Wizard. Impressive how true every piece is to the text. Beautiful and amazing. In the face of such praise, Connor Freff Cochran had this to say: "Thanks very much for the compliment. But I think the real credit goes to Herb for creating such a remarkable place, and for answering my questions about what things should look like in such detail."

What's Freff up to these days? Well, it seems to have something to do with Peter S. Beagle:) check out Conlan Press or email him at:[email protected]

Freff: "Cirocco's face was modeled after a friend named Connie Sherman. Her body came from another friend named Janet Prato. I was visiting Connie in Ohio when I started reading the TITAN manuscript for the first time, taking notes for illustrations, and it was a really cool TWILIGHT ZONE synchronicity moment when I looked up from the ms. and realized that Connie's face looked *exactly* like Herb's description."

Freff: "The model for Gaea was a fan friend named Giani Siri (short, I believe, for Giovannah Sirigiano)."