JM Weiss

JM Weiss is the signature on the two technical drawings in Titan. That's about all I know about this artist, but those two drawings have always been enormously helpful when describing Gaea's dimensions to others.

Connor Freff Cochran gave me some info that demystified this unsung hero (well, illustrator:). Per Connor: "JM Weiss was Judith M. Weiss, a calligrapher and trained industrial designer I knew in Philadelphia back when I was doing the TITAN art in 1978. I thought Judith could do a great job with the map and tech diagram that I thought should be in the book -- certainly much better than I could -- so I talked Berkeley into hiring her. What she turned out was even more impressive than I expected."

There is an ongoing quest for a full Gaean map. By hook or by crook... I want that map! Oh sure, I could just friggin' DRAW one. But that just wouldn't be the same, now would it? :)