Work-in-progress maps. Shaded to represent daylight, twilight, and night. Overlays show the map from Titan, drawn by John Varley (and cleaned up by his illustrator), as well as the textures I've created to use with the model, made using Varley's map as a template. Better textures are coming.

Eventually, the goal is to have a complete map. I hesitate to simply 'make up' my own maps, for the same reason that I would hesitate to make up my own Tolkien maps - both writers have very definite ideas about what their maps should show.

I've been playing around with trying to work from the descriptions given in the books. I make notes and sketches as I rediscover tidbits of data. If I feel I can get it right, I'll add to this map. A larger, interactive map is on the way.

Varley Vade mecum has a few maps of the other regions of Gaea. Love seein' Kong Mountain :)