Place of Winds

DISCLAIMER: This site is meant as a tribute to the story, character, world of Gaea, a creation of John Varley in his books Titan, Wizard, and Demon. Everything in this site is derived directly from from his work and writings and no infringement is intended.

The model of Gaea used to create the most of the rendered art on this site I suppose is copyright me, as is the rendered art itself, though you're free to copy and use and alter it all you want as long as it's not for any commercial purposes, unless you're John Varley, in which case there are no exclusions :)

Feel free to contact me at the email below with any critques, complaints, advise, philosophy, questions, answers, ennui, nepenthe, angst, or troubled childhood stories. And of course, if you have access to a major studio, pitch an idea for the Gaean Trilogy :)


3/20/05 I haven't updated much for a while, but I've added a few things recently. The home page has new movie-poster-esque art. There are two new sections on the Anatomy page for the Hub and the Valves. Actually they're old pages but added a few things. There's an animated gif of a valve closing and opening and some pics showing the interior of the hub from a human perspective. The downloads section has a few new gifs, including a little Gaean flag :)

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