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- Jabba the Hutt is a royal, possibly the god emperor of Dun--er, Tattooine.

- Twice in the movie Luke pulls metal weapons through the air into his robotic right hand. This is not telekinesis - rather some sort of elecro-magnet or tractor technology being used. Proof? he has no access to metal objects in the rancor pit so has to physically throw a skull to disable the gate.

- Luke's claim is that Yoda dies without leaving a corpse and that he then recieves info from a ghost about Leia being his sister. Nothing suspicious there...

- Luke is dressing all in black and is absent for long stretches of time with no explanation. Is he conspiring with Vader?

- Luke does not levitate Threepio with his mind. Threepio gives this away with the line "I didn't know I had it in me." He's referring to the anti-grav unit lodged in his thoracic cavity. Proof? nobody seems surprised by what would be a shocking new development. They're not surprised because they know it to be a use of simple, available technology.

- Luke and Vader both pull mind tricks on their leaders to allow for them to meet up.

- Luke pulls another obvious mind trick on Leia - he convinces her that she is his sister. Watch his crazy eyes as he does not blink for most of the interaction. He is now in direct line of rule no matter who wins the war. Yikes.

- Luke and Vader team up to assasinate the emperor. They stage a duel to lure the emperor away from his throne (and all the deadly tech available from its controls). Vader waits until he thinks that the power cells of the emperors personal defence weapon (his tazer - he's a senior citizen after all) are drained. Partial success - together they manage to kill the emperor but Vader is mortally wounded.

- Galactic celebrations had to be edited INTO the special edition ending. Wow.

- Nobody but Luke sees the ghosts of Anakin, Kenobi, and Yoda.


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