Portland State Uninversity 5-7-05

That's no moon

We got the first hour of the lecture on tape, thanks to the forethought of the noble road crew. I'm in the process of editing together some of the choicer bits. Actually, to hell with it - I've uploaded the entire hour that we got recorded. I'm a whore for attention, so feel free to download it and spread the word - the Skywalker Paradigm. It's all true. No, really!

streaming --- PSU 5-7-05

zipped ------ PSU 5-7-05

9 minute CD teaser download!!

The teaser is synced up to the original Star Wars (New Hope), not the Special Edition - that's a whole different lecture! Just start the audio file when the blue words "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." first appear. It may seem like a hassle to sync it all up this way but I think I'd find dealing with Lucasfilm's lawers and even bigger hassle :) enjoy!

Just hours before the first ever public lecture on the Skywalker Paradigm, we had to test all the equipment. And I do mean all the equipment. Borrowed laptop, rented projector, and well... the other stuff.

Here Ben Gitchel and Critter Jones write mysterious glyphs upon the dry-erase boards. The room was better than we could have hoped for - the door was unlocked and everything we needed was on hand. Thanks PSU!

Critter Jones handled a lot of the video cueing. Notice that C-Cat is down there by the speakers, doing some final sound check no doubt. Of course the Handy-Man's secret weapon is in easy reach next to the laptop.

I love this job!

Star Destroyer on the wall - now that's my kind of classroom. Critter Jones is at the helm with the laptop and the good doctor, Sam Roberts is just to her right.

Carrying on a proud tradition... Many thanks to Andy Bergstrom for taking these historic images.

There was a break just after the hour mark. It was only supposed to be an hour long lecture, but went for two hours and fifteen minutes - and a hell of a lot of the people who came sat through it all. You folks do realize this just encourages me...

Many thanks to Erik for the laptop and to my mighty crew of makeshift roadies for making a somewhat entertaining idea into a truly kick-ass presentation.

-sniff- i love you guys

Star Wars---Empire Strikes Back---Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace---Attack of the Clones---Revenge of the Sith