CascadiaCon 9-4-05

Now that feels good

I went to CascadiaCon with Andy Bergstrom. I probably wouldn't have gone except for his enthusiasm in wanting to join me in such an adventure. Assuming everything would fall apart at the wrong time and that the weekend would be embarassing and disasterous, we cheerfully rented a car and started tward Seattle like a long period comet falling tward the sun.

We lost an hour or two along the way that we never seem to have recovered. But along any journey, a little Dwight is to be expected.

The laptop fell through, the promised projector never showed up, we ended up feeling as isolated and outcast in this environment as we did in any other. We slept in the car at the airport parking lot and hung out in the free food rooms of the convention. And it was intensely fun! We'd brought my entire clunky computer just in case nothing else could be done. We also brought a DVD player (ha!). We'd decided beforehand not to try and record the lecture in any way and of course it went great.

Several of the people there then and since have told me how much they enjoyed it. I do indeed enjoy the shit out of that :)

pics from the Con

Star Wars---Empire Strikes Back---Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace---Attack of the Clones---Revenge of the Sith