Construction is proceeding according to plan

Sara Chrenen is working on the short version, but for now here's a really short version.

Main points:

Vader is hiding Luke, not the Rebels.

Leia is working with Vader and knows Luke is his son

Kenobi called out the hit on Owen and Baru

Luke believes he is a Jedi because of Kenobi's hypnotic suggestions

The Force cannot be used to move objects telekinetically

Luke does not talk to ghosts.

Luke does not train with Yoda (Yoda may in fact be long dead)

Jabba the Hutt is not a gangster, but may be the royal ruler of Tatooine.

Leia is NOT Luke's sister. Luke has no sister, he pulls a Jedi mind trick on Leia.

Luke joins Vader - he only recants when he realizes that the Death Star is going to be destroyed.

These are not just wild accusations, the evidence is in the movies themselves, revealed by simply examining facts and the statements of the characters. It's a fun ride :)

Star Wars---Empire Strikes Back---Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace---Attack of the Clones---Revenge of the Sith