Great shot, kid

So according to the astro-officer (is that your real title, crewman?) there are thirty Rebel ships. How many survive this run? Luke and Wedge are verifiable. In the battle Wedge comes to refer to Luke as 'boss'. Luke takes to space combat like a frightening madman finding his calling. He exhibits a calm confidence and ability much like his father. Vader even comments "The Force is strong with this one!", no doubt admiring his flying skills.

When the shattered remains of the squadron fly away with the Millemium Falcon, there are only three of the original ships left, two X-Wings (Luke and presumeably Wedge) and a surviving Y-Wing.

Listening to voices in his head, Luke turns off his targetting computer. This causes great concern among the command personnelle on Yavin IV. Many of them, Leia included, are shown glancing around and at each other at this disturbing developement. Luke is asked directly, "What's wrong?". He replies enigmatically that he's "all right". He's actually bat-shit insane.

The claim here is that Luke hears a voice, and his reactions seem to indicate he thinks he's hearing something. The command crew don't pick up any recording of this - they ask about his targeting computer but don't ask about the spooky voice that told him to turn it off.

Just before he can unknowingly shoot down his own son, Darth Vader is shot out of the battle by the Millenium Falcon. Han smuggled Vader's kid to the Rebels and then shot his TIE fighter down. This may explain why Vader volunteers Solo as a test subject for the torture device and carbon freezing chamber on Bespin. I think I'd be a little tired of this damned smuggler interfering in everything myself. The only thing that probably saved Han's ass is the fact that he did indeed save Luke and prevented Vader from killing his own son.

Long story short, the farmboy blows up the Death Star. I try to give credit where credit is due. This kid is amazing. From what I can tell he's one of only three survivors of the run and only the second to get a shot at the port. Not only did he get the droids to the Rebels, and not only did he rescue Leia, but if it weren't for him the Rebel Alliance would be a debris field around Yavin. He deserves the medal and the promotion (at the beginning of Empire, he is addressed as 'commander' Skywalker). I hope Leia gave him a blowjob for it, too (oh stop! They're not related, you'll see :)

Hell, everybody on that planet owes him a blowjob.

or at least dinner.

a NICE dinner.


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