"if there's only this moment, isn't everything a coincidence?"

"All you really need in a town like this, is a character flaw and a good costume." - Avery Nelson

"To see a nude human ascend a staircase is perhaps one of the strangest sights to behold in the animal kingdom" - Jack Eggers

"Aziz Ansari is a fucking badass!" - Aziz Ansari

"Replace space with nothing. Replace all. Enter."

"Too bad zombies don't need to breathe, NOOB!!" - Avery Nelson

"I can only offer more empty, shallow promises and apologies that mean nothing." - Critter Jones

"It only hurts when I pretend it's real." - Nitrous Jack

"It's not done until it's over, and it's not there unless you believe it is." - darling Wendy