Reference Guide

^ = h / mv - The equasion on the first panal of page one is the Matter Wave Equation, that shows the wave-partical duality. Why? Cuz it's the start.

JTHM - Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, a comic written by Jhonen Vasquez who is currently working on the show Invader Zim on Nickleodian.

Helicopter ship - in the upper left hand corner of the cityscape is a rather distinctive ship...

Drink Coke - The first of several Bill Hicks references. Bill Hicks was a brilliant comedian who died in 1994, and who thought that if advertising had it's own way, a commercial would be a naked woman, spreading herself open, and the banner “Drink Coke”.

NUN - Nine Inch Nails, thinly vield.

Ditch Kitties - A friend of ours once told us of the feared Ditch Kitties, who would stalk boy scout troups at night.... and then.... they would eat you. Watch out, man, they're fierce.

46 + 2 on Kate - A TOOL song, written in part about ideas from Bob Frissell. Humans currently have 44 chromosomes, plus 2 of gender.. either xx of females or xy for males.... Frissell thought that the next stage in human evolution would result in an extra 2 chromosomes, or 46 + 2. But since dogs have 78 chromosomes and sheep have 54, i'm not sure if that's right.

Charles Monroe on Kate - The name of the band Marilyn Manson came from splicing together the name of a super model, Marilyn Monroe, and a serial killer, Charles Manson. So if you flip it around, you get... Charles Monroe.

Chiko on Kate - The Little Girl Squirrel in the movie the Sword in the Stone says Chiko, es muy cute.

Tubular Luggage - is the best band in the world.

Don't Panic on Kate - From the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by the late great Douglas Adams.

42 on Kate - it's the meaning of life, man!

CliTORIs Cookie - Only one hint..... Famous Amos.

Chrenen's Unicorn on Kate - it's worse than Schroedinger's Cat, it's Chrenen's Unicorn! The theory that it doesn't matter whether or not something is really there; because it's not there regardless. The only difference is what kind of not there it is. Represents a huge argument between Jack and I, and is the essence of our disagreements about the nature of the universe.

Learn to Swim - a line from the TOOL song AEnima, which is about, among other things, a great natural disaster (the Pole Shift? Nibiru?) that causes LA to sink into the ocean. Hence 'Learn to Swim'.

'I Love Big Brother' on Kate - Who doesn't love Big Brother? I don't enjoy my freedom, anyway!

What You Readin' For? on Kate - Another Bill Hicks nod, from his bit about being baffled by anti-intellectuals who don't ask him what he's reading, but what he's reading FOR.

'Beware the Momewrathes' on Kate - From the Jabberwalkie, by Lewis Carol

'SPANNER' on Kate - What? What could that mean?

Blimps - Leviathan living airships from the Gaean Trilogy by John Varley. Why are they on earth?

Pi Symbol - A dual reference to both the math and the movie.

Upside Down 'e' - From Schwa, by The Schwa Corporation. Paranoia, Conspiracies, Aliens. Banned on over 13,000,000 planets.

Tesseract - "Well, the fifth dimension's a tesseract. You add that to the other four dimensions and you can travel through space without having to go the long way around. In other words, to put it into Euclid, or old-fashioned plane geometry, a straight line is not the shortest distance between two points." -Madeleine L'Engle

Quantum Foam - Quantum Foam is where Relativity and Quantum Mechanics become irreconcilable... Simply, in order for General Relativity to work, spacetime must be flat, or smooth. This works until things get very small, when Quantum laws apply. When you magnify any given area of spacetime enough, it is no longer smooth, but fuzzy and foamy, full of weird particles that spontaneously create and then destroy themselves. Quantum foam is weird stuff, I want to live in it. If I want foam on my Mocha, it's gotta be Quantum Foam.

MST3K - Joel/Mike and the Bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 appear on one of Ra's TV's. MST3K is the best thing ever, 'cept for some other stuff.

Wisdom of the Masses - Jack thinks that people know, aggregately, what's best for them, and thinks this is 'the wisdom of the masses'. I say that they may or may not know what's good for them, but even of they did, it wouldn't be wisdom. For instance, if you're hungry, and you eat, that was probably the best thing to do, but it certainly isn't wise. It's just something you know to do. Wisdom is a knowledge acquired beyond learning. Taking a bath because you stink is just a good idea... not wisdom. Further more, I don't really think that people seem to know what's good for them... they still eat beef and listen to Creed.

Skywalker Paradigm - Woah, that's a big question you just asked there, sonny. if you really wanna know, if you think you can take it, go here.

What Giotto Drew for the Pope - it's a secret.

Negative Ions - Another dual reference. Firstly, Negative Ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron. For spooky reasons, this makes people feel good. They are produced in areas like forests, waterfalls, any out-sidey type place. Many European hospitals use 'Ionizers' to replicate this effect, in studies it increases the patient's rates of recovery. Sara and i love negative ions. Secondly, Negative Ions is a song by.... TOOL. Shock.

Naked Ape - A book by Desmond Morris, the Carl Segan of the anthropology set. Brought into the public sphere the idea of a watery episode in human evolution.

Aquatic Ape - a book by Elaine Morgan, about how human evolution was greatly effected by a period of aquatic evolution, where humans lived in a semi-aquatic environment, hence why human babies float when placed in water, and why humans have a subcutatious layer of fat.

Pink = XY - The singer, Pink, you know who i'm talking about, right? She's a MAN, baby! Check it out!

That's Evolution, Baby - Pearl Jam song, and in that panel, evolution looks like the girl in the video for the same song. The video is really brilliant.

Gaea says not why She spins - A nod to Jack's favorite writer, John Varley, who had a similar obsession with lesbians and the trans-gendered. From the book Titan.

'Did i leave the gas on?' squirrel - A line from Eddie Izzard's Dressed To Kill, an 'Executive Transvestite' comedian, and a true free spirit.

5 1/2 Minute Hallway - From the book House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danilwilski, or Zampaino, or... hmm. Also the name of a song by Mark's sister, Poe.

Auska's Ghost - Auska is a character from the Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Jung - Carl Jung, a truly enlightened psychologist who I'm sure you've heard of, so i don't even know why i'm explaining this. Read Memories, Dreams, Reflections to start.

Meat is Still Murder - From a song by Propaghandi, called Nailing Descartes to the Wall.

Don't Cut off Your Nipples, they Won't Grow Back - Good advice for any occasion.

Dropa Disk - Ummm... strange stone discs that were found in the mountain range Bayan Kara-Ula, that are often used as proof that aliens have visited earth. Intrigued? Read on.

I Know What Ezekiel Saw! - Josef F. Blumrich derived reference, based on Erich von Daniken's theory that the biblical character Ezekiel saw a spaceship(s). See Spaceships of Ezekiel, Blumrich's book.

The Ark of the Covenant is a Radio! - Well, that's a litlle self-explanatory. Straight out out Erich Von Daniken's writings. Dude, it's a metal box that conducts electricity that the voice of 'god' is heard from. You tell me that's not a radio.

Chi - In Eastern thought it is the essential energy of all things, and it can be positively of negatively effected by it's surroundings. Finger pointing, for instance, is supposed to negatively effect Chi, because the finger is a 'Shar' or 'Poison Arrow'.

Without Bagels, we'd all be dead. - We would be, right? A salute to The book 'Evasion' by the Crimethinc Worker's Collective. Bagels are a vegan dumpster diving staple.

The Bowie Panel - All things said in this panel are taken from the David Bowie song 'A Space Oddity'. He's an alien, and he ages in reverse because he sold his soul to the devil - he keeps getting hotter and hotter. He may, in fact, be the universe itself.

"Strange, Funny, Awkward - I am a dead clown." - The character ARIN is based totally around my brother, Aaron. That line is a poem he wrote for english class. He's special.

Gummi Bears give you powers - the thrill of control. See Hedwig

A one inch mound of flesh - Was all that was left after Hedwig's botched sex change operation. See Hedwig

Damn, there's somthin' about Yitzhak - Yitzhak is Hedwig's husband, and i am so friggin' obsessed in love with him/her. See Hedwig

Crypto Homo Rock Star - Lou Reid, Iggy Pop... David Bowie - See Hedwig

Hedwig - and the Angry Inch is an off-Broadway Musical/Movie, and though Jack normally dislikes musicals, this one really did it for all of us. I can only recommend that you go rent the movie right now, and save yourself from another moment of Hedwig-less existence.

Blackwolf - Err, Jacks famous unwritten epic comic series. You can see scans of her in the other art section.

Daisyyy - Hal's little song from 2001: A Space Oddesy

My God... it's full of stars - One of Dave Bowman's lines from 2001: A Space Oddesy and 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Starfox - Sara B really can beat the game Starfox on N64 in less than a hour. Incredible.

And I would feed cookies to the squirrels - Sara B's grandfather trained squirrels to come up to the door of his house and take cookies from his hands. Cuz squirrels like cookies.

Is My Mental Progress Destroying my Sanity - or is my sanity destroying my mental progress? A riddle that I still can't figure out, if i think about it too long it breaks my brain.

Stone creatures came out of it - and started smashing cars and people. I felt no fear. Part of a dream I had that was just that... the 'it' that they came out of was a giant cartoon bridge.

Ice Weasels - From one of my all time favorite quotes. “Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on an snow mobile that flips, trapping you underneath. At night the ice weasels come.” -unknown

Marriage of the Evil Overlord - That whole story is one of Sara B's dreams... you've gotta be careful when you shoplift from other realms.

Follow your bliss - the mantra of Joseph Campbell, author of 'The Power of Myth'.

Maybe science will save us - Another Bill Hicks reference... at this point, you should just go listen to his albums so you know what the fuck we're talking about.

Huntingdon Life Sciences - An evil evil animal testing corporation that is quickly being shut down by the SHAC campaign. (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) The bastards are gonna burn.

Bryce - Jack's favorite animation suite.

Cake or Death - Eddie Izzard again.

Bear on Sara B's shirt - One of Radiohead's logos.

Gozer the Destructor - From the second best movie of all time, Ghostbusters.

Paper Street Soap Co. - Form the best movie of all time, Fight club.

Hugh A. Brown - The author of Cataclysms of the Earth, an excellent but hard to find book detailing the pole shift theory, or HAB Theory (the title of a book by Allan Eckert outlining Brown's theories). Don't trust all the other mediocre hacks that have ripped him off and twisted his ideas.

I Think I'm Blind - On the Simpsons, Homer says this after he stayed up all night eating 64 slices of american cheese.


Nibiru - Fabled 10th planet rotating between Sol and the Nemesis star. is supposed to bring mass destruction when it returns in 2003. We all may die. I doubt. Jack rants.